Un1te Audtions

80 spectacular dancers were at the Un1te audition on May 8th, 2012. They were excited and ready to perform. The energy in the room was marvelous. The room was foggy and sweaty, as well as the windows in the hallways. People who arrived late to the Un1te audition were disappointed when they heard they couldn’t jump in and audition this year. They couldn’t let anyone else in because the studio was packed mirror to mirror, and the competition had already begun.

It’s nice to see that the level of Hip Hop dance auditions are growing in Winnipeg. They are raising the bar, and the standards are preparing Canadian dancers to audition, compete, perform and book gigs world wide. Un1te took some time off but it seems as though the dance community was waiting for this rebirth for their dance company. Some students were intimidated and left the audition early, but I’m hoping that the people who disappeared continues to train, and continues to audition as much as possible. I’m excited for PegCity, things are about to take place in the dance community on a new level.

I foresee more Canadians getting agents, and receiving the opportunity to book jobs. Many crews are competing throughout the USA, Canada, and wherever the top dance workshops and competitions are taking place. Un1te is a core Hip Hop dance crew in Winnipeg, and we as a city look forward to seeing this new team perform. Since so many people came out to the auditions they had to do call backs.

It’s nice to see that the Hip Hop community is growing in Winnipeg. It’s great that we have options. We are also lucky to have amazing choreographers to share their passion with us as well. The dancers understood what the choreographers were asking for. Many of them had proper technique, and could understand what “ball change,” meant. Not only did they have technique, their personalities shone within the choreography. It was a superb turn out, and I hope to continue seeing the room packed for auditions, workshops, and shows in Winnipeg. This was one of the hottest dance auditions I’ve been to in Winnipeg. The talent was authentic, and the love in the room was brilliant.