When Beverlee started dancing at the age of three, her instructors noticed there was something different. She wasn’t just dance steps and choreography, her movements were effortless and timeless.

Beverlee lived her passion for the performing arts as she worked closely with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s component in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1999 Pan American Games. She has performed Internationally with Trinidad & Tobago’s Limbo legend, Nadia Byron.

Another distinguishing moment came when Beverlee was invited to sing at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall with The Assiniboine South Youth Choir.

Beverlee went on to become a professional cheerleader for the Blue Lightning Dance Team (CFL), in her home town of Winnipeg, Canada. Her hard work paid off, when she was asked to be the assistant manager for the Carnival Choreographers Ball – Los Angeles’ largest and most prestigious dance event. She was intimately involved with Rising Moment, a dance industry leader connected to the multi-platinum recording artist, Sisqo.

In addition, Beverlee donated her time and skills to Strive, a California based charity that teaches inner city kids the value of dance. She also was a part of the dance ministry at Oasis Christian Center in Hollywood.

Beverlee also has a journalism degree from Santa Monica College. In her spare time, Beverlee writes short stories and poetry. Currently, Beverlee is involved in dance, choreography and vocal training. All of her experience in the Entertainment Industry inspired her to start her own company, and provide dance workshops to those who have the passion to dance, perform, and create art.